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"Holly Turner" 

I worked as an AC on this upcoming western feature film. This experience taught me how to better communicate with cast and crew and work within tight schedules. This was by far the busiest job experience. I developed my knowledge on Arri Alexa Mini (Cine Lenses) and a variety of lighting equipment


This piece was filmed overnight when we decided to exercise our skills  over a drink at our student house. So my friends (from which - MUA Aleksandra Popova) and I happened to get hold of  Black Magic Ursa Mini and some lighting equipment. This was purely experimental. 
Also my first experience with color grading on DaVinci Resolve.

"The Staight and Narow"

The most important film at this stage of my career. I tried to bring as much character as possible through the Set and Costume design of this piece. A whole story can be told only by the look of the environment the characters are placed in. This film is all about the unusual human relationships and emotions. And since the actors are supposed to hold back from revealing it all to the audience, more of the story is left for the Production Designer to tell.  I made some sketches and looked through live locations that I could potentially turn into what I have carefully prepared and planned from the size and construction of the rooms to every color and little object suitable for the characters'  personalities. 
collaboration with the director and cinematographer was required and achieved on set where I worked as an AC, operating ArriAlexaMini, advising the cinematographer on lighting and monitoring the footage. 


This is my very first attempt at creative script writing and first experience in directing professional drama actors.  Personally, I am not particularly satisfied with the final result, but by the positive feedback I received from the actors, Jem Rycraft and Rose Sullivan, after the production phase and the great performance they both offered on screen, I can only presume that it was a job well done, considering that we were a team of five students, only three of whom  actually engaged in the project. So realistically, we ended up shooting this film with a director, cinematographer and a producer and a budget of £120. This was also cast's first experience in film, so we all learned a lot from each other during this creative process. We shot on Canon C100 (Samyang lenses).

"The Boy, The Girl And The Gun"

A noir film, all shot in one day as a University's practical unit exercise. My role was Production designer. I planned the set on paper and 3D on sketch up, which made the cinematographer's job easier. I also chose costumes and inspired general look of the characters. This experience gave me an idea of how the real film industry works and taught me that pre-production and team management are extremely important. 

"A Shooting Star"

I worked as a cinematographer on this music video of Marley Blandford's song "A Shooting Star (Ain't a sign of love)", which gained popularity after it was released in May, 2016. My first shot at filming for a music video and I enjoyed it a lot. I had to balance between following a strict narrative (lyrics) and experimental filming. Despite the low budget and the time pressure, I think my team and I achieved our goal, which was to help Marley sell his music and build bigger audience. 

The very first documentary filmed on a low-class DSLR with minimum equipment, budget and time. I contacted Gareth as part of my assessment in first term in the first year of University. We had to contact a person from the film industry and make a documentary about them. I saw this as an amazing opportunity to include art into my first film and to explore one of the most underrated jobs in the industry and inform people and show a different point of view. 

"How Do Drawings Come To Life"

A lovely opportunity to tell the amazing story of Father George. It was entertaining to go and explore a world of a person so different than me. The amount of research on culture, religion and faith, and sessions spent with father George was essential. Speaking with this man was always energizing and uplifting.  From this experience, I learned that documentaries are difficult to film but worth experiencing. It is hard to catch something not staged happening before your eyes on camera, that is why pre-production and research are significant.

"The Faith Of The People"

A twelve hour long Life Broadcast experience taught me how to concentrate better, manage multiple tasks at the same time and work under time pressure. It is difficult to make different angles and shots of the same person and set engaging and not distracting, so that balance was interesting to achieve. The biggest challenge of this experience was not to get distracted by the TED talk itself and listen to directions carefully. 

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