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 ART Profile 

I have been drawing and painting for Bulgarian national and international competitions since I was eight years old and won a couple of awards, one of which is a silver medal from a competition in Sri Lanka with over a hundred participants. I developed a certain style of drawing, which helps me a lot not only when I want to save time when doing set designs, but it also helped me cultivate a sense of color, tone and framing in films. 
In addition, I am pursuing a masters degree in animation (specialise in rotoscope animation). In other words I would like to be able to work with actors and drawings simultaneously. 
With regards to the materials, I love working with color pencils, oil paint and aquarelle.
Scroll down to see some experimental drawings, sketches and set designs I have done in the past.

A shading exercise - WoW Horde Logo
Year: 2013
Materials: Faber Castell (Polychromos; Art &Graphic Kit)

Face Features Sketch
Year: 2011
Materials: Faber Castell (Art & Graphic Kit 


Exi Nova
Year: 2014
Materials: tempera paint


Production design Sketches for "The Straight And Narrow" 
Year: 2016

Materials: markers, water paint, colour pencils 

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